Antony Rogers

When at secondary school in the early 80's I used to mess around with a couple of cassette recorders and create crazy shows for my friends. I also was fascinated at the sounds an old damaged transistor radio used to make and used the tape recorders to mix strange sounds that came from it, which I presented to my music teacher to listen to once (she probably thought I was weird)
I always had an interest in radio, which escalated when I discovered Laser 558 on my radio late one night while having trouble sleeping. I thought the format of it and the fact that it was a pirate was exciting.
In the late 80's I made friends with some radio pirates who transmitted an oldies station from north London and was invited to make programmes for the station. Eventually those pirate stations closed down, so I started my own pirate station and broadcast from my house until eventually getting busted by the DTI late one night, which brought my pirate days to a close.
In 1999 I was lucky enough to be asked to present programmes on 'Swinging Radio England', which had a one month RSL licence, playing great oldies music from a converted caravan. That was really fun.
I love music from the 50's onwards, which is why I think the format of Big L is so good with such a great variety of tracks.
I always had a great passion for making jingles, which I continue producing to this day for Big L and others.
As well as hearing Antony's jingles on Big L 1, you can also hear Antony present a daily show on Big L 2 every Monday to Friday between 6 and 8pm.