Geoff Dorsett

Starting his career aged just thirteen, it was only a short while before Geoff became established as one of the Mecca Group's top three DJs, seeing him open new venues worldwide. He compared the second ever gig by Led Zeppelin and early shows with Fleetwood Mac. Geoff has been heard on Radio Hallam, Q102 in Florida and KZUN in Dallas, pirate radio station Sunshine Radio, Skyline FM, Express FM, Mix 94 in Las Vegas and the UK's second most-listened to community station, Forest FM.

Geoff can be heard at the following times on Big L International.

Saturday 00.00 Big l 1 - Supersonic Seventies

Saturday 01:00 Big L 1 - Kick Up The Eighties

Saturday 12:00 Big L 2 - Kick Up The Eighties

Sunday 21:00 Big L 1 - Solid Gold Sixties