Julian Bright

Julian started working as a DJ when he was just 13 years of age and has done lots of live work in bars and nightclubs, hosted events throughout the UK and is still currently active in this line of work three nights a week. In addition to presenting shows on Big L, Julian runs a property development company and rental business and also owns a bar and nightclub.

Julian's radio career started in 1989 with in-store radio then he moved on to commercial stations including Chiltern Radio, The Hot FM, Mellow 1557 and Radio Caroline to name but a few. He began working at Big L International in September 2005 and finds it a unique station - as Julian says - its just the best!

Julian likes a bit of fun and games on his shows, join him for the "lyric line" and "speedy CD" competition on Saturday afternoons from 2pm only on Big L International.