Phil Troll

Phil started deejaying when he was just 13 years old whilst at boarding school, spinning the discs at live parties and on the tannoy system. The radio station was called Radio Exmore. He went on to do hospital radio at St George's Hospital in Hornchurch, Essex, then went to do student radio in Whitechapel, London. Phil was involved with East London Radio, and was then called Norman Spencer. Phil says, "It was truly the 1st community radio station in the UK but technically was a land based pirate station with two of our current Big L DJ's who shall remain nameless!" ELR closed down in 1978 and formed The East London Community Radio Campaign. We did live gigs at fetes and fun days and joined the Community Radio Association, which is now The Community Media Association. We also did a few restricted service licenses in 1994 and 1995 with ELR. These were live broadcasts. Most of the pirate stuff was pre-recorded
In 1979, Phil started producing audio magazines for blind people, namely, National Talking Express and Media Round-up. NTE is a registered Charity.
In addition, Phil was in the music scene for over 31 years, doing gigs around the UK as a singer and keyboard player. He released several records which were sold on gigs, but none of them were big hits unfortunately. Phil Says, "I enjoy recording programs for Big L. I hope the listeners enjoy them, as much as I enjoy making them."
You can hear Phil Saturday 8-10pm.