Richard Bond

Now some stuff and nonsense about me!
Richard Bond aka Bondy or The Bear - he answers to any of those names - is an extremely young looking sixty-odd-year old until you see the pictures.
Richard has been in radio since the late 1960's starting with hospital radio then the likes of Caroline North Tribute, Radio City, Red Rose, The Bay, Marcher and so on and on!
Richard has had the privilege to conduct many interviews over the years including Muhammad Ali, Bert Weedon, Marty Wilde, Kiki Dee, Andy Fairweather Low, Paul Carrack - the list goes on.
He was an official member of the Radio London Club in the 60's and the received Keith's "98.6" as a prize! The first record bought with his own money was The Allisons - "Are You Sure". (That shows his age)
Richards musical tastes vary from Beatles to Eagles, Elkie Brooks to Dusty Springfield, Neil Diamond to Bowie and very much everything in between.
He loves animals, the countryside, travel and good food (as long as it's veggie) Radio idols include Kenny Everett, Johnnie Walker and Ray Moore and more.
Can talk for England and often does. (Big L Webmaster - he can type for England too!)
The shows come from Richards studio in Bulgaria.

You can hear Bondy on Big L International:-

Monday - Friday Big L 1 and 2 5-7am "Wild and Wacky Wake Up Call"
Wednesday Big L 1 7-9pm "Evening requests"
Friday Big L 1 7-9pm "Bondys Album Show"
Saturday Big L 2 7-10pm "Bondys Album Show"
Sunday Big L 1 3-6pm "Greatest Oldies"