On air Text number for Requests 07988 703 141

On air text number for Requests etc :)

Text studio

07988 703 141

+447988 703 141

We can not do calls on that number .

If you have free texts in the uk than it will be free, In the EU if you have free international texts then will be free or EU cost should be 10p.

As always I wish to keep things free or cheap for the listener, so these texts are on a UK system via Virgin Mobile so normal text charges your operator sets.

From ofcom below
The cost of texting abroad is (within EU) slashed after European MEPs voted to cap charges across the continent.

The move means that from July 2012 last year the price of sending a text message will cost no more than 11 euro cents (10 pence) via EU.

For costs outside this area please check with your operator.