Radio London 50 th year since Close down

Radio London 50 th year since Close down,


Big L celebrates 50 years since Radio London closed down on August 14 th 1967.

As from Midnight on the 13 th August, as as well as the normal shows on Big L 1 and 2 featuring stories and On Air clips we have also added a RL 5O TH stream on the Big L Radio Player APP which can be downloaded free from the Windows, Android or Apple store for FREE, you can also put

Into your own Browser on your Pc Phone Tablet, the stream will start at 00:01 on the 14th with a Perfumed Garden Show from Hans Knott (in Dutch)


11:00 till 14:00

A three hour special from Mark Stafford with THE GREAT BRITISH PIRATE ERA


14:00 till 15:00


Original Radio London Last hour.

Between these times and later there will also be some of the Original shows and Documentaries

about or from the Original Radio London too.

This stream will stay on until Friday and will repeat the output each day so if you missed something

it will be there tomorrow.

Extra shows etc will be added during the week too.

Roger Davis