KBC Import / Export

KBC was founded in 1989 and started with audio productions. The official name of this company is still 'KBC Productions', but today the name 'KBC Import/Export' is used. In the 70's and 80's, the name 'K-PO' and 'KBC' was used for FM, Shortwave and Mediumwave.... pirate Radio. The illegal broadcasts ended in the 80's, and in 1989, KBC started to sell CB-Products, with the end user as main target. From that moment, KBC delivered to gas stations, shops and wholesales in different countries.

KBC registered the name 'K-PO' along with the slogan 'We want what you want'. It is registered internationally and displayed on all K-PO products. In 1996, the sale of CB-products to end users was cancelled, and from that moment on, KBC only sells goods to dealers. KBC supplies all products, from A to Z, to CB-users around the globe.

Since a couple of years KBC started to sell to the end users again , the KBC website is your one stop shop for all communication products:


CB Radio
Marine Radios
Professional Mobile Radio
Amateur Radio
External Speakers
SWR Meters
AC/DC Products
TV Antennas
Antenna Accessories
Spare Parts
Audio/Video Products
Navigation System / GPS
Trucker Accessories, Gifts
Digital Photo Studio
Mobile Phone Accessories
Car Alarm

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